When you need a reliable security solution, choose DAS Communications alarm systems.

We specialise in business and home alarm systems that are tailored to your specific needs. DAS Communications have clients who are property owners and managers, across many industries including retail, hospitality, medical and education.

Our alarm system solutions can be fully integrated into your CCTV security cameras or home automation system, building a safety barrier around your property and assets. If you require an alarm system that will secure your people and assets, we are able to design a complete system to suit your requirements.

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Alarm Systems Gold Coast

DAS Communications’ team of highly trained engineers help design an alarm system to suit your requirements.

Your solution needs to be user friendly, easy to operate and, above all, reliable. A thorough security assessment is undertaken, to assess the features that are required.

We make it easy for you to have the complete alarm system setup you need, supplied and installed; with all the components you require to make it effective in protecting your assets.

DAS Communications: Alarm Systems Experts

Examples of the type of security alarm systems DAS Communications has designed, supplied, installed and support include:

  • Bespoke home alarm systems to ensure the safety of family and loved ones
  • Sophisticated burglar alarm systems to prevent unauthorised accessing
  • Central monitoring of multiple sites with individual configurations
  • Single purpose systems to support vulnerable entrances and exits
  • Overnight systems that focus on specific safes or storage areas
  • Custom protection that supports lone, vulnerable or late workers
  • Fixed monitoring systems that protect vacant premises from vandalism

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