Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras


Let the trusted local experts help you with selection and placement of your home security cameras and alarm system. Call DAS Communications today for the best in home security systems.

Operating in the Gold Coast region since 2012, our trusted local firm has helped many homeowners secure their properties and assets. Make sure you have peace of mind regarding your family’s safety, both when you are at home and whilst you are away.

With a DAS Communications home security camera system, you can rest assured that your loved ones and personal property will be safe and secure. Reliable equipment and proven electronics mean that your home is covered for security monitoring and recording.

Book a home security camera consultation today and discuss all your requirements with our experts. Following our initial discussion and site inspection, we will help you select a system for your precise needs. Camera locations are important, to achieve maximum protection, leaving no dark areas. Any unwanted activity or security breach must be captured on your home security cameras, both inside and outdoors.

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What is the Best Home Security Camera System?

We are often asked this question, since our clients want the best possible home security solution. We only use the best cameras and most reliable brands of equipment. Also, we do advise that hard wiring of the cameras is preferable to the installation of wireless cameras. Cabling takes a little longer, but the end result is a much more secure and reliable system than using Wi-Fi. Our goal is “Zero False Alarms” and, since we mainly fit high end systems, this means premium equipment and installation practices.

If your home is already smart wired or set up for home automation,  we may be able to utilise existing cables, tracks or conduits to keep the wiring neat, concealed and minimal. This may also help to reduce installation costs.

All work is fully guaranteed, and we provide on-going support, included in the home security camera installation price. You can call us any time for system checks, upgrades, or to add additional protection. We want you to feel total safe and secure with your DAS Communications home security system that is protecting you, twenty four hours a day.

Our systems are Self-Monitoring, which means that they will alert you by phone when there is any activity on your home security cameras. If Back-to-Base Monitoring is required, where a third party respond to alerts, this can be arranged for you at your request.

We will show you how to access your system, with full on-site training. This ensures that key users and appointed persons are fully familiar with your home camera system. We will show you how to access the system using the installed panels or on your pc, tablet, or mobile phone, as necessary, and provide you with expert home security tips from the benefit of our experience.

Our Installation Teams

DAS Communications are a trusted local supplier and installer of home camera systems in the Gold Coast area also serving the surrounding region.

Our installers are all local, qualified, and licenced technicians and installers. They are fully insured, and Police Cleared, to work securely and reliably at any site. We have trusted teams that we use constantly, to ensure standards are maintained and confidence upheld in our company and in our staff.

Check our 5 star reviews to see what our clients are saying about DAS Communications.

Secure your home and family with a home security system. Call DAS Communications today for prompt, reliable service for home security camera installation on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

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